A Few Days in London

As you know, I made a quick stop in London in April with my mom. Due to time I didn’t get to see a lot of the area but knew I loved it. I’m glad Tim and I were able to stay for a few days and explore before heading to Greece! Today, I’m sharing the highlights of our three days in London.

Our first day we arrived at Gatwick Airport around 9:30 a.m. We were tired and jet lagged but didn’t want to take an expensive taxi to our hotel. So we took the train from Gatwick to the Victoria stop. The train and subway in London are incredible, I sometimes wish Nashville had this so I could get from point A to point B quickly without being in traffic!

We got to our hotel, The Belgrave, and had an hour to kill before our room was ready. So we went to a pub down the road and got burgers and fish and chips to hold us over.

My trip to overcoming jet lag is something my mother-in-love shared with me. Take a 1-2 hour nap as soon as you arrive and don’t go to sleep until it’s bedtime. Well it was the best two hour nap of our lives! We were still groggy when we woke up but got up and decided to walk around. It was a Sunday and pretty busy but managed to see Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and other London-y places. We did pretty well for ourselves and went to bed late!

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